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Sayı: 23 - Mayıs 2010

Kardemir Özel Sayısı


“We have worked for almost every cement company in Turkey.” And we have done and still do thermal power stations. We have extensively serviced the iron and steel industry, ie ERDEMİR and KARDEMİR. We have produced 15 thousand tons for KARDEMİR in 2007 and 2008. The bulk of our production is consumed by the cement sector, iron and steel factories, thermal power stations, national and international commitments. The rest of our capacity is employed for realizing KARDEMİR’s productions and investments.

For seven years each year another factory renewal took place. We pursue new technologies and make the necessary investments. It is still in force. Sheet steel manufacturing machines, profile cutting, plasmas are all in very good conditions technologically. Looking at our production site we are definitely pioneering at this level in Turkey. Not many plants can produce what we can in Turkey. And in many aspects we are unique.

Our open and covered areas are expansive. KARDEMİR grounds have nearly 36 thousand square meters of covered and 30 thousand square meters of open space. Our factory is equipped with CNC, electronical, mechanical and hydrolic modern workbenches. Today we have the experienced technical and qualified personnel cadres and equipments necessary for manufacturing steel constructions of every kind and in every specification.

We can carry out ambitious, large scale works. This is the only complex where it has its own railways. We are connected to the national railways. We make our shipments mainly by rail. Our exclusive aim is to produce steel constructions. We are very organized, the production line is unilateral. When we reach the end of the line the output is perfect and shipment is done. We are justifiably proud of what we do.

We have certainly competent and well trained staff members. We can compete with any firm anywhere in the world. We wield universal certificates, which are audited or renewed in due course. Our firm’s motto is quality and customer contentment and this is well documented by the TS_EN_ISO 9001-2000 certificate. Furthermore we have the DIN18800-7 (DIN EN ISO 3834-2) certificate given by the German institution “SLV Berlin-Branden burg NL der GSI mbH”. We are capable in Steel production to do constructions which require high quality and specific attention.

I think we can easily say that this sector has reached beyond its borders in Turkey. We have global companies that produce voluminous jobs. And we are one of them. Great improvements have been achieved and should be attested.

Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 23 - Mayıs 2010



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