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Sayı: 23 - Mayıs 2010

Kardemir Özel Sayısı


“We are looking at a renewed and powerful KARDEMIR with huge improvements, and new technologies where there are nearly 4 thousand workers. After 1995, the year of its privatized, significant investments for Steel Rolling Convertor System, Continuous Billet and Bloom Plant, Lime Plant, Oxygen Plant and Clinker Recycling Plant have been realized. After 2003 several important investment projects like New Cooling Tower, Modernization of Coke Plants, Renewal of High Furnaces, Modernization of Continuous Rolling Plant are completed and working. Again, by the high furnace No 4, which was also constructed during this period, fluid raw iron production capacity was raised to 1.5 million tons per annum, and with the new Rail and Profile Rolling Mill KARDEMİR has become the only industrial producer among the neighbouring countries for all kinds of rail up to 72 m in length, large beams up to 550 mm, and brackets up to 200 mm in width. The establishment through these modernization and new investment projects has attained an advanced technological constitution enabling a powerful competitiveness.

We currently produce over 30 profile beams for the constructional steel industry. Standard profiles used in the Turkish market are all manufactured. When special demands are made by firms we can supply those as well. Under 550 mm any profile can be produced to specifications. There are no problems in beam production, however when the range is so vast, it is not possible to produce everyone of them simultaneously. Market demands are to be satisfied thus we focus on those. Our rolling capacity allows us to produce 450 000 tons of profile annually. In the competitive market beams have various added values therefore we asses the situation and produce the ones with the highest added value. Every type of beam can be produced in our rolling plant. We have experimental new productions as well. Dozen or so new products soon will be presented to the market.

We can compete easily with imported materials. Most significantly our rolling plant is new. We have renewed our rolling plant with serious investments. Our production rate is higher. Physically creating product variety we have with newer technologies made some improvements in chemical aspects also. Most foreign manufacturers’ rolling plants aren’t new. And we use iron ore in our productions which is essential for quality. Therefore with our integrated establishment, corporate structure, engine park and skilled personnel we seriously advance looking forward. We have to realize these investments as our assets.

KARDEMIR has become an establishment exporting mainly to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania like neighbouring country markets, as well as the whole world. The investments made have gained KARDEMIR a more powerful place in the industry carrying it to a level where national and internationally producing sought after products. Hence, with several countries there are due discussions for bigger shares in international markets.

Turkey is a rapidly developing country. Anyone can see it. It is an important country in the region as well. Turkish companies have become prestigious establishment globally. In my opinion constructional steel is a growing sector. Especially industrial plants are growing and this is all industrial, constructional steel is. In the manufacturing industry constructional steel has an important market boom, and thus the manufacturing companies will rise as the market grows. Construction assembly making firms will grow as well as they do. Significant developments are taking place in the sector.

We are attempting at establishing a Steel Institute. Which we take very seriously, a considerable sinergy will be created. This is one of our objectives. A Steel Institute where research and development studies will be made, literature will be archived, standards will be developed and worked on. It’s been years since we started talking about it, but it’s time to step up now. I believe this foundation will also benefit constructional steel’s advancement.

And we are working on establishing an Iron and Steel Museum. We want this to be a museum of our iron and steel history. Many countries do have them. Why shouldn’t we do it here as well. This is also our mission.

And another new investment is the harbour. KARDEMIR will have a harbour. This will enhance the cityscape. We also have responsibilites towards the people of Karabük.

Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 23 - Mayıs 2010



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