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Sayı: 23 - Mayıs 2010

Kardemir Özel Sayısı


Kenan Sungur KARÇEL General Manager

Two main elements in the modern construction acumen are cement and steel. The first national steel construction have been realized in 1939 by the Karabük Iron and Steel Plant’s foundation. With a small unit called “Art Workshop” established when Karabük Iron and Steel Plant was founded and in 1940 a “Steel Construction Bureau” working at the cold drawing section of the Engine Shop in later years became the “Plant Making Plant” for it realized nationally grand project thus creating Turkey’s largest Steel Construction Factories. Today reaching a capacity of 20 000 ton per annum, Steel Construction Factories has signed nationally and internationally acclaimed designs and in 1998 have been restructured as a corporate subsidiary of Kardemir Aş. It is now established as KARÇEL Aş.

For our factory, which goes back 70 years, it has been quite a challange. KARÇEL Aş Steel Construction Factories are our most modern national plant with its electronic, hydrolic and mechanical CNC workbenches, painting units, fitted with 104 gantry cranes with up to 50 tons lifting capacity.

KARÇEL Aş which also has modern Quality Control Systems, has realized large plants that have national significance around the country. Some examples of works accomplished in its history are: Ereğli Iron and Steel Factories, Seydişehir Aluminum Works, Tüpraş Refinery Works, Pendik Shipbuilding Yards, Afşin Thermal Power Plant, Karakaya Dam Railway Bridge, and many more...

Recently accomplished works are: Sudan Khartoum Steel Bridge over Nile, Afşin Thermal Power Station TDS Units, and Spreader Car equipments, Kardemir Rail Profile Rollingmills and High Furnaces, and many more...

Production capacity, which is realized through a serious quality control system with no cossessions in quality, of 260 personnels annually is closer to 15 000 tons.

Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 23 - Mayıs 2010



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