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Sayı: 58 - Aralık 2018


Architect Ali HIZIROĞLU:

“Steel also has a side determining the architecture”
 Steel has always been a material on the showcase for me. In my approach, I am of the opinion that the material shall take form as per the project, location and requirements. One cannot say “I like reinforced concrete structures very much, therefore I will build all my structures with reinforced concrete”, this is the same for steel. Needless to say, you find a chance to discover very different sides of a material while using the same material over a period of time. This is also the same for steel. You try to find the knacks by experiencing, and you find the chance to develop by building on top of previous experiences.
It might be the case that rendering structural steel visible is an approach we embrace, we like people to feel how the structure stands and the loads are carried by structural elements. We also have the opportunity to improve and change ourselves as a country, and this might also be the case with steel if we can achieve this.

Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 58 - Aralık 2018

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