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Histwin Çalıştayı

HISTWIN+ Project

The HISTWIN+ project is an EU-funded project of 18 months that started in July 2014.
Six institutions are involved in the project:
  • ECCS – European Convention for Constructional Steelwork, Belgium
  • FOSTA – Forschungsvereinigung Stahlanwendung e.V., Germany
  • LTU – Technical University of Luleå, Sweden (coordinator)
  • RWTH – Aachen University, Germany
  • UC – Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
  • UoB – University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Objectives of the workshop

The workshop objectives are to promote recent innovations developed during the research project, HISTWIN (High-strength tower in steel for wind turbine) and to disseminate the project results. A tower supporting a wind turbine often has the hub height 80 - 100m and it is assembled from three segments that have to be executed in-situ. The innovative aspects of the project were optimization of the use of higher strength steels and the improvement of fatigue behaviour using newly developed bolted connections. A new software for easier pre-design of the tubular towers considering the most common failure modes is developed. The design manual and links to relevant publications including simple freely available software will be provided.
The workshop consists of two events. On the 1st day, basic information about the relevant Eurocodes will be explained and at the 2nd day results from the HISTWIN project will be in the focus.
Experts involved in HISTWIN projects and prominent Turkish experts will provide the workshop.


Fenerbahce Faruk Ilgaz Tesisleri
Fenerbahce Burnu, Fenerbahce
Kadikoy İstanbul, Turkey.
T +90 216 550 19 07 | F +90 216 418 09 09.


English (no translation will be provided)

Organising Committee

Berna Aydöner (TUCSA)
Cécile Haremza (ECCS)
Francis Grogna (ECCS)
Milan Veljkovic (ECCS)
Silvia Dimova (JRC)
Véronique Dehan (ECCS)
Yener Gur’es (TUCSA)

In association with the 8th International Symposium on
Steel Bridges and the ECCS meetings

With the support of

RFCS – Research Fund for Coal & Steel

Further information

Cécile Haremza | ECCS Technical Secretary
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