Project Architecture MSc. Architect Engneer Yaşar MARULYALI
" A functional arch tecture model"

Total constuction area of the school, which was designed to be constructed as 3 floors on a land in high district of the city of Kocaeli looking towards İzmit. Gulf, is 3.000 square metres. In the building, composed of physics, chemistry, and biology labs, a computer room, library, and 15 classrooms, in each of which 30 students can study, administrative and social areas, the classrooms are gathered around an atrium and the whole buildings can be illıminated both from the inner yard and from the façades.

Supporting system of the building mate of steel is the main architectural element. An environment friendly and a functional architectural desing was created. We head tried to create a safe and light school building as well as aesthetically beatiful and splendid with a wide functional area. This project, which was designed with was model system, allows to be developed, modified, and even redesigned through anywhere and any method. It also allows fast consruction thanks to having all features of prefabricated consruction technology.
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