Mick Maloney, Commercial Manager for European Projects of Corus International
"Tevfik Seno Arda Lisesi Türkiye'de çığır açacak"

Corus works closely with ECCS (European Convention for Construc National Steelwork) to encourage a coordinated approach to the development of steel in the Construction sector across Europe. It is through this collaboration that Corus became aware of the project to build a steelintensive school building to replace a school badly damaged in the devastating earthquake which struck North Western Turkey in 1999.

The school is currently under construction in the Kocaeli area and Corus are supplying façade cladding, steel decking for the floors and roof, technical support on fire engineering (if required) and a monetary donation towards other costs associated with this worthwhile project. Corus is confident that when the Tevfik Seno Arda High School is complete it will not only be aesthetically pleasinq to the eye but will also prove to be a ground breaking building in terms of construction solutions in seismic regions.
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