Who is Tevfik Seno Arda?
Born in 1940, in Istanbul, Tevfik Seno Arda cornpleted his secondary school in French School of Saint Joseph and was graduated from the Civil Engineering Faculty of ITU in 1963. In the same year he was adrnitted as assistant to Constructional Statics and Reinforced Concrete Department of Faculty of Architecture of ITU and has studied in Civil Engineering Institute of Liege University's Applied Sciences Faculty for two years with the awarded Expertise and Research Scholarship of Belgiurn Government in 1964. During this period he had conducted several expenrnental researches and examinations under the management of Prof. Henr-Louis in the institute's laboratory, mainly his doctorate thesis. He had receved Ph.D. honor in 1968 from ITU by completing his thesis, named "Impact of Transversal Reintorcernent to Adherence", While he was performing his main duty in his department as Doctor-Assistant he also gave various lectures in Engineering and Architecture Faculty of Black Sea Technical University and Civil Engineenng Department of Engineering and Architecture Faculty of Istanbul Technical University

In 1972, with his thesis, "Adherence of Adjacent Reinforcement Bars" he has been granted with the title of university's associate professor and then he was appointed as associate professor in Reinforced Concrete, Wooden, and Steel Structures Department of Engineering and Architecture Faculty of Istanbul Technical University in February 1973 and then as professor of the same department with his thesis, "Cornposite Bears with Cast Concrete" in July 1980. Starting from the summer semester of 1972- 1973 he gave lectures in mainly the issues regarding constructional steel, including the areas of wooden and reinforced concrete constructions, constructions static, and static and resistance, to the undergraduate students of Construction Faculty of KTU, Construction Department of Sakarya DMMA, and then Steel and Wooden Structures Workgroup of Civil Engineenng Faculty of ITU, to which he was transferred in 1982 together with his stalf. He alsa managed graduation theses. During the same years he alsa gave lectures mainly about steel and steel-concrete composite constructions to graduate students of ITU and managed graduate and doctorate theses. He was awarded with "European Steel Design Awards" of ECCS, which iS given in every two years, in 1997 for his technical consultancy work in Western Tourism Center of Istanbul and in 1999 for his works in Steel Pyramid in Antalya. He released more than sixty artides about his profession.

Beside his educational and scientific studies, Prof. Dr. Tevfik Seno ARDA. has alsa undertaken various management duties. He was selected as the dean's assistant in Macka Construction Faculty of ITU in Novernber 1981 and then senate mernber of the university in 1982 and he continued his managerial works until Maçka Construction Faculty was merged with otherconstruction faculties of the university. He was an elected member of the Management Board of ITU Construction Faculty between 1982 and 1991 and he was appointed as the Coordinator of Steel and Wooden Constructions of the faculty for 11 years between March 1988 and October 1998. He alsa worked as a dean assistant in the faculty for a while and then as Faculty Board Member, and the n ITU's Construction and Earthquake Research Center for six years. He was alsa a senate member of ITU Construction Faculty. and Constructions Departments Chairrnan of the Construction Faculty, covering Steel and Wooden Constructions as well as Reinforced Concrete Constructions and Construction Static Workgroups and alsa as a member of the Management Board of ITU Construction and Earthquake Application and Research Center.

Tevfik Seno Arda, beside his natural membership in the Chamber of Civil Engineers, was a full member of various technical cornmittees of ECCS (European Conventian for Constructional Steelwork) elected by the general assembly of ECCS, Chairman of IABSE (International Association of Bridges and Constructions) for a period, founding member and the chairman of Turkish Constructional Steelwork Association for a long time. He knows French and English and he was mamed to a four children and two grandchildren.
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