Story of the Project

We had seen the images of many students left under the debris of the buildıng of Çeltiksuyu Primary School and of many people suffered from the earthquake in the city of Bingöl of Turkey on May 3, 2003, on the media. Only students who had survived from the collapsed building were those saved by steel cabinets...

Alter these photos, which were seen with sorrow around the world, European Conventıon for Constructıonal Steelwork (ECCSI), which was Closely interested in the earthquakes have requested to prepare a comprehensive presentation from Prof. Dr. Nesrin Yardımcı, President of Turkish Constructional Steelwork Assaciation, a member of ECCS since 1992, about Bingöl Earthquake and Prof Yardımcı has made her presentation to the authorities of ECCS during the meeting held in Brussels in May 2003.

Immediately af ter this presentation anather one was requested from Prof. Dr. Nesrin Yardımcı, President of TUCSA, not covering only Bingöl for this time but earthquake possıbilıtıes throughout entıre Turkey

These presentations caused a great sensitivity within ECCS and it was decided to construct a model school made of steelin Turkey by the joint decision of the representatives of membering countries and then discussıons have started with Turkish authorities.

Allan Collins, Chairman of the Board of Dırectors of ECCS. have wrote letters to the Ministry of Development and Public Works and Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey, to the Rectors Office of Istanbul Technical University and the Deans Office of Civil Enqineerinq Faculty of Istanbul Technical University. Following these letters Prof. Dr, Nesrin Yardımcı, Chairwoman of Turkish Constructional Steelwork Assocıation has started the discussions with the authorities of the Ministry of Development and Public Works and Ministry of National Education.

At the beginning of the project, it was thought to construct this model school in Bingöl however the authorities of the Ministry of National Education have told that it would be better to construct the schoolın Kocaeli provınce sınce the saıd province needs much more schools and, more importantly, this province was also on an earthquake zone. Then discussions with Erdal Ata, Governor of Kocaeli. havestarted ımmediately. The Governor Ata, who appreciated the project a lot, assıgned the land of Orhan Gazi Primary School, which was collapsed af ter having significant damages in the earthquake of 1999, for the project. He alsa mentioned that excavation works, which were planned to be performed through donations, by themselves. Alter these developments, the model steel school project of Turkey has actually started.
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