Bruno Theret, Vice-Chairman of Arcelor
"This project is a reflection of the philosophy and ethic approach of Arcelor."

The European Turkey, blending different cultures, is strategically important for Arcelor. We want to present a project, highlighting the superiorities and benefits of steel constructions, to Turkish market that we emphasize a lot and we are collaborating with ECCS, European Convention for Constructional Steelwok in this exclusive project, which is the first in its field...

Tevfik Seno Arda High School, began to be constructed in Turkey, is a big opportunity for gathering the entire steel construction industry with the architects, engineers, steel manufacturers, steel processing companies, contractors, and seller, in a project. It is a highly symbolic project explaining the steel very well.

In this project we woutd trust our children to the steel. Arcelor emphasizes the education, sustainable development, and security a lot. Students are our future. The schools and surrounding area, in which our students would study, must certainly be secured Steel contructions have exceptional features. Steel profiles are highly resistan to earthquakes. And in a country like Turkey where seismic activites play an important role, steel constructions are reliable thanks to their high load carriage capacity, high resistance, and cost effectiveness. It protects the lives and properties against earthquake and fire. Steel constructions show respect to humans and the nature. Steel doesn't pollute the environment either during the manufacturing and worksite operations or during the utilization and disassembly.

Tevfik Seno Arda High School that will have all of the characteristics of steel constructions is a reflection of the philosophy and ethic approach of Arcelor in every aspect.
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